HELP for People with Dyslexia and LD’s:

  1. Adult Dyslexia Screening Tests for educational purposes – This is NOT a Diagnosis;
  2. THRASS literacy support for reading, writing, and spelling;
  3. Planning of course work, workplaces and lessons;
  4. Time management for adults/students;
  5. Learning strategies for reading; writing; and spelling;
  6. Support for oral presentation;
  7. Support for proof-reading;
  8. Helping clients/students with textual comprehension.
  9. Assistance and supporting clients with assistive technology (Dragon Naturally Speaking; Ghot It; etc.);
  10. Mentoring in workplaces and educational facilities;
  11. Provision of advocacy, going to departments with clients for support;
  12. Implementation of learning styles and strategies;
  13. Slowly building students’ and clients’ learning confidence;
  14. Presentation of reports and annual reports;
  15. Scaffolding learning and workplace demands;
  16. Support for anxiety and stress (see Counsellor);
  17. Support for people with Irlen Syndrome (see Irlen Professional); and
  18. Support for speech and language (see Speech Pathology);
  19. Professional diagnosis can be sort by educational psychologist.
  20. This service also provides Learning Support for Tertiary Students (
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