My experience of learning was at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I was a tentative student on enrolment into the Doctor of Philosophy. As a dyslexic adult, I had to fight for any support, throughout my adult life. Undertaking a PhD is one of the most challenging ventures that any student with dyslexia can undertake. I was determined to gain my doctorate and it was through this regional university, that I achieved my dream.

There were numerous challenges which I learned strategies to cope with in universities. These difficulties experienced, included the following: a) I could not read online; b) difficulty filling out forms and not having a mentor or readers. Througout the journey, I believed I would accomplish my goal. My supervisor had to help with some of the laborious details with the Office of Research. I also had a group of friends and academics, who provided tremendous support for the challenges I faced in university.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tutoring support for people who have Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities. The support provided includes mentoring and advocacy for people who require support for workplaces and in learning contexts within our region, the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and within our State. This small business will also provide information sessions in workplaces and Government organisations for employees and students.

We recognise the Indigenous Aboriginal Australians and their lands. We recognise all elders, present and past and respect their cultural heritage. We call on present elders to support us in our mission to educate all, on a pathway for learning in our region and State.

Jacqueline Caskey